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What’s the story behind the “It’s Real” Slogan?

Seguin is a working-class community in the center of Texas with a strong sense of character and a rich history. The city recently started a journey to rediscover who it is, embracing a raw honesty that makes it unique. What are the means of bringing about this change? A new tagline, “It’s Real,” has been announced, but this phrase has sparked a heated discussion regarding its efficacy and the overall expense of the rebranding campaign in the community.

The Backstory

This rebranding effort aimed to capture Seguin’s essence and selling characteristics. ChandlerThinks, a Tennessee-based company, spearheaded it. The proprietor of ChandlerThinks, Steve Chandler, claims that the motto captures the town’s spirit—from the grizzled main square to the devoted production workers.

The Local Buzz

Local perspectives on the campaign are diverse. Community opposition was voiced by Darren Dunn of KWED Radio, who questioned if the city got value for its $59,000 investment in the company. Some who oppose the spending claim that the money would have been better used for urgent purposes like employing police or fixing potholes.

On the other hand, proponents of the program, who include corporate and civic figures called “Branding Rangers,” believe it is essential to developing a unique and appealing public image. The distinction was emphasized by Branding Ranger and real estate agent Stephen Tschoepe, who said, “That makes all the difference… All those other logos have come and gone without ever being sold.”

Crafting Authenticity

After conducting a thorough survey and interviewing people in and around the city, ChandlerThinks painstakingly created Seguin’s new logo and tagline. The idea was to convey the true spirit of Seguin, from the city’s beaten downtown plaza to the hardworking, devoted manufacturing workers. 

The proprietor of ChandlerThinks, Steve Chandler, feels that the chosen motto, “It’s Real,” captures not just a phrase but also an expectation of what visitors to Seguin can anticipate. He believes the community may positively impact the town’s reputation if it works together to convey its story and highlight the realism and tenacity that make it unique.

Local Perspectives

Amidst conversations concerning the city’s spending, various local viewpoints have surfaced. Owners of a nearby cigar shop, Lisa and D.L., are among others who have embraced the new concept. Their shop has a sign that reads, “Real Cigars. Real Great Taste. Keep it Real, Seguin.” It’s not just a company endorsing the reforms; it also shows the community’s sincere excitement about them.

Councilwoman Donna Dodgen clarifies the problem by pointing out that Chandler’s viewpoint has given the town’s character a fresh twist. Although some locals could object to the suggested modifications, Dodgen thinks Chandler’s point of view presents a novel and distinctive perspective that locals might have first missed. 

This different viewpoint adds to the ongoing discussion about the town’s identity and encourages locals to think twice about the proposed changes and recognize their possible benefits.


The controversy continues as Seguin introduces its new tagline, “It’s Real,” to the public. One thing is certain: this campaign is Seguin’s first attempt to take charge of the city’s story and highlight the sincere and resilient attitude that characterizes this Texan jewel. Whether the city got its money’s worth is a matter of debate.



Leon Hitchens is a Seguin resident since 2021. He love the small town vibe with the closeness to i10. Leon is a digital marketer who's helping businesses in Seguin reach audiences online. He's passionate about the community.