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Is Seguin Texas a Good Place to Live?

Safety is frequently the primary consideration when selecting a place to call home. Seguin, Texas, is an oasis of safety in the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metro Area. We explore the crime data in this blog article, offering insights demonstrating why Seguin is a safe and secure neighborhood.

Understanding Crime Rates in Seguin

Seguin has an excellent violent crime rate of 21.5, marginally lower than the national average of 22.7. This establishes a favorable tone for the city’s general safety. But it’s also important to take property crime into account. Seguin has a rate of 53.1, higher than the 35.4 national average. There is a decreased rate of violent crime but a higher likelihood of occurrences involving property. Residents should employ suitable security measures and maintain a watchful eye to safeguard their possessions.

Visualizing Crime Trends Over the Years

Let’s take a closer look at the historical crime data in Seguin:

2019 277.73.336.459.5178.52360.8343.91874.8142.2
2018 298.43.420.361213.72526.5264.52146.7115.3
2016392 14.191.853 233.13799.6610.93068.6120.1
Yearly Graph Crime Trends

The data showcases fluctuations over the years, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about local crime trends.

Comparing Seguin to Nearby Cities

Let’s put Seguin into perspective by comparing its crime rates to those of nearby cities:

  • Marion, TX: Violent crime per 100k – 174.4 | Property crime per 100k – 1,656.5
  • New Braunfels, TX: Violent crime per 100k – 246.9 | Property crime per 100k – 1,262.6
  • Cibolo, TX: Violent crime per 100k – 121.4 | Property crime per 100k – 871.9
  • Schertz, TX: Violent crime per 100k – 184.2 | Property crime per 100k – 1,320.4
  • La Vernia, TX: Violent crime per 100k – 67.9 | Property crime per 100k – 747.3

Seguin constantly distinguishes itself as a haven with reduced crime rates compared to its neighbors.

A visual representation illustrates how Seguin compares to similar-sized cities regarding both violent and property crime rates.

2024 Compare Crime Rates: Seguin, TX vs San Antonio, TX 

Seguin, TXSan Antonio, TX
Violent Crime21.537
Property Crime53.172.4
Seguin,TX vs San Antonio, TX

The Crime Indices range from 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime). Our crime rates are based on FBI data.

Exploring Seguin’s Community Spirit

Seguin relies on a strong feeling of community, even beyond safety. Locals actively participate in community events, creating bonds that make Seguin safe and friendly. 

Seguin’s community spirit fosters a sense of unity and belonging through many means, such as volunteerism, cultural festivals, and neighborhood get-togethers. Find out how Seguin’s overall appeal is greatly enhanced by this shared friendship, which makes the city a place where people live and actively participate in the community.

Seguin Education: Developing Minds, Creating Futures

Seguin is proud of its educational institutions because it understands that a community’s ability to prosper largely depends on its citizens’ level of knowledge. Investigate the universities and institutions that support the intellectual development of the city. 

With cutting-edge curricula and committed faculty, Seguin’s dedication to education guarantees that students have a thorough and powerful academic experience. These organizations firmly establish Seguin’s standing as a community committed to creating promising futures by helping mold the minds of the present and the success and prosperity of future generations.

Seguin’s Economic Landscape: Opportunities and Growth

Explore Seguin’s vibrant economy, where growth and opportunity combine to produce a dynamic atmosphere. Discover the commercial prospects, job market, and economic initiatives that support the city’s liveliness. Seguin is a desirable area to live and work because of its advantageous location and welcoming business community. 

Residents and business owners have plenty of opportunities to prosper as the city develops, transforming Seguin’s economic environment into a crucial component of its allure. Discover the various industries propelling Seguin’s economy and why this city is well-positioned for long-term expansion.


To sum up, Seguin, Texas, continues to be a town that puts safety first. Despite significantly higher property crime rates, Seguin appears to be a safe and friendly city overall. Seguin is a proud place to live, with a strong feeling of camaraderie and safety among the locals.

Experience the allure of Seguin, where warmth and safety meet to create the perfect environment for starting a family.

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