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Do’s and Don’ts When Traveling to Seguin, Texas

Seguin, a part of the lovely Texas Hill Country, is a laid-back community with a mildly whimsical vibe. Seguin, located 45 minutes east of San Antonio, has a fascinating past that includes the largest nutcracker collection in the world, a remarkable 6,000-year-old archaeological investigation that turned up Mammoth remains, and the Lone Star State’s oldest operating saloon. Majestic rivers and serene creeks traverse Seguin. Since the terrain is rich, the region is perfect for extensive agriculture and grazing.

Seguin, Texas, is a beautiful town with amazing people, but there are some things to know before you come.

In this article, we will talk about what to do and not do in the great town of Seguin, Texas.

Do’s when traveling in Seguin, Texas.

Visit the Museum of the Nutcracker


More than 8,000 different types of nutcrackers reside at Pape’s Pecan House! It’s a cute small place where you can explore, sample, and become an expert on pecans! The owner has an astounding collection of nutcrackers, including ones with Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, past presidents, and other themes. For the journey, make sure to pick up some pecans!

Get Your Blood Pumping


Even Seguin has its theme park where you can experience all the thrills! ZDT is the ideal amusement park if you’re searching for a low-cost option where you may enjoy the rides as often as you like without having to wait in large lineups. They have a rock climbing wall, a parachute drop, the crazy toucan, some roller coasters, water attractions, and go-carts (one of the most entertaining courses I’ve ever seen). You also have unrestricted access to the arcade on top of everything else. With unlimited rounds of air hockey, racing, a fun snowboarding game, and more!

Go Shopping

Keeper’s Interiors is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some amusing home items. Beautiful wall art, subtle design, and adaptable furniture are all present, and you can incorporate many patterns. They also offer regular chalk painting classes if you like to do things yourself. We’re in Seguin, known for its pecans, so you might want to pick up a pecan candle so that you can remember your trip there each time you light it. But really, it’s heavenly, and even after using it at night, the scent lingers the next day.


Serenity Boutique is the prettiest tiny store with many trendy and fun items. Their staff can expertly arrange an ensemble for any occasion with so many gorgeous pieces. Additionally, in this tiny village, the blue building truly jumps out! They even have a rack of entertaining items priced at $8 if you’re on a tight budget.


Gift and Gourmet has a department store feel to it. They have a bit of everything, and this is, without a doubt, where I would go frequently shopping for all of my cooking supplies. Your membership can be completed here, also. They sell everything you need for the kitchen, goods created nearby, adorable presents, jewelry, and other things.


The Shops at Design Associates are challenging to describe adequately. It is an eclectic assortment of one-of-a-kind treasures, quirky trinkets, jewelry, and other items. Here, you can find a little bit of everything.

A Power Plant Restaurant


A working power plant once stood where the Power Plant Grill now stands. Its current incarnation is a unique restaurant giving up fantastic cocktails, steaks, fried fish, and more! You can traverse the bridge that looks out over the water.

A Haunted House Tour


The Magnolia Hotel is a well-known destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters, and it has even been named one of Texas’s most haunted homes! The hotel has been renovated to replicate how it appeared; a two-room cabin had been transformed into a stagecoach station, hotel, and even jail. The other component is still undamaged and in its current condition. You may schedule an overnight stay through their AIRBNB or join a guided tour on Saturdays!

Not a fan of ghosts? This hotel has a fascinating history that makes the trip worthwhile.

Discover Seguin’s History


For history buffs, Seguin is the ideal destination because it is one of the oldest towns in Texas. You can take a self-guided tour of some of the town’s older structures before visiting the Heritage Museum to see relics and discover more about the area.

Drink Mead and Wine


Mead, a honey wine, is slowly gaining popularity, but Texas Mead Works’ producers are passionate about producing high-quality mead. They provide a wide variety of meads in their tasting room, ranging from semi-dry to sweet! The butterscotch-flavored Necromancer was one of my particular favorites. In addition to their tastings, they also often arrange events like festivals and murder mystery nights. Won’t you be able to visit soon? Most large liquor outlets carry them. Additionally, they have a winery on the property called Blue Lotus Winery, where we sipped some premium drinks made with grapes straight from their vineyard.

Don’t when traveling in Seguin, Texas.

Don’t call people “y’all.”

We don’t want to make this error because it’s typical of South Texas travelers. What’s wrong with calling someone “y’all”? It sounds like “you all” or “you,” so what’s the big deal? There are many reasons why calling someone “y’all” may not be the greatest course of action. For instance:

Talking about an interaction between two individuals (such as a debate or discussion) with the pronouns “you guys” or “you girls” might be disrespectful, as it implies that the other person doesn’t participate in the conversation (even though they were).).

If done too frequently, calling someone by their name makes them feel even more important than they already do, which could lead to resentment.

Never book a hotel room.

Never book a hotel room. There are many things to do in Seguin, but hotels are pricey. If you want to stay at an Airbnb or even with friends, you may experience Seguin to the fullest.

You shouldn’t spend the entire day watching TV in your room because Seguin offers a lot of things to do! Check out our list of fun things to do if you’re seeking something to do:

One of our favorite spots is Max Starcke Park, which is close to the Guadalupe river and offers spectacular views.

Another wonderful place with lots of space for trekking is Walnut Spring Park, which also has trails.

Avoid going if you don’t intend to spend the entire day outside.

There are many outdoor activities to choose from, and the weather is fantastic. There isn’t much more to do in Seguin if you’re not a fan of the outdoors or just an average person who enjoys indoor pastimes like watching Netflix or playing video games.

No large stores, only a few large chain restaurants

There are a few little Mexican restaurants, a Chili’s, an IHOP, and a few other minor ones strewn about, but for the most part, there aren’t any large retail malls or eateries that you would find in a location like New Braunfels, Texas.

But there’s no need to worry because Seguin also has highly regarded coffee shops like Court Street Coffee Shop and Seguin Coffee Company. Seguin is always getting criticized for that there’s no Target, there’s no Chick-fil-A, and they barely have a Starbucks right now, so they’ve been fighting for that a while too.


A short drive from San Antonio, Seguin, Texas, offers a variety of activities, such as visiting a well-known haunted house and historical sites.

With our list of the top things to do and don’t do while traveling in Seguin, Texas, you can start making travel plans immediately.

If, however (like us!), you love exploring new places, then we hope these tips help make planning easier!

And if you find this article helpful or have any suggestions, feel free to reach us!

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