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Uncommon Things to Do in Seguin

Seguin, Texas, is no stranger to weird incidents and attractions, from alien spaceships to museums with adorned toilet seats to strange bubbles emerging from the bayous. Regarding all the craziness Seguin, Texas has to offer, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. This article will cover the unusual places and things to do in Seguin, Texas.

In the Texas Hill Country, Seguin, Texas, is a relaxed town with a dash of whimsy.

It bears the name Juan Segun in honor of the Tejano-Texan independence hero and the ardent Texas Republic supporter.

Seguin, one of the first towns in Texas, was founded only 16 months after the Texas Revolution in 1836.

The world’s largest nutcracker collection, the oldest saloon in Texas, and an important archeological dig that uncovered Mammoth bones over 6,000 years old may all be found in this hamlet, which is about an hour’s drive east of San Antonio.

You can find some of the nation’s most stunning rivers and streams here in Seguin.

The area is perfect for farming and ranching because of its lush topography.

Check out our selection of the greatest and uncommon things to do in Seguin, Texas, if you wish to encounter unique stuff and genuine Texan warmth.

Uncommon places and things to do in Seguin, Texas

The Sebastopol House State Historic Site is worth a visit.

At the junction of FM 1317 and Highway 69 in Seguin is the Sebastopol House State Historic Site. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it is open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; visit their website for further details.

John Peter Gregg (1834–1908), a well-known Texas attorney who served as the state’s attorney general during the Civil War’s Reconstruction, built the home. The location includes objects related to his life and career and other significant Texas historical locations, such as the State Capitol Building in Austin or the Johnson Space Center Visitor Center & Museum in Galveston.

This stunning property is home to some incredible artwork, including depictions of notable South Texas historical characters, including Stephen F. Austin and James Bowie (who fought Indians nearby) (who founded San Antonio). Through interactive displays like “Sebastopol in the 1800s,” where visitors may try sewing their quilts using old methods, you can also learn about how these people lived in the past.

Nutcracker Museum

As the home of the largest pecan, it will not be strange to have a nutcracker museum, but for the visitor, it is, but it is delightful.

More than 8,000 different types of nutcrackers reside at Pape’s Pecan House! It’s a cute small place where you can explore, sample, and become an expert on pecans! The owner has an astounding collection of nutcrackers, including ones with Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, past presidents, and other themes. For the journey, we made sure to pick up some pecans!

Stand beneath the biggest pecan tree in Seguin.

Look no further than Max Starcke Park if you’re searching for a distinctive destination to visit while you’re in Seguin, Texas. This charming little town park, which is close to the city center, is home to the largest pecan tree in the world. Former mayor Max Starcke, a native Texan who understood the value of trees to our environment, planted the tree in 1920. Although it may not seem like much right now, it will eventually become an outstanding specimen!

A Power Plant Restaurant

In Seguin, Texas, a 100-year-old Power Plant structure that formerly provided energy is still generating interest, but differently.

A working power plant once stood where the Power Plant Grill now stands. There are many comfortable chairs at The Power House Plant Grill to enjoy the view. In addition to the sights on the terrace, there is also wonderful cuisine to be had, and it operates as a unique restaurant giving up fantastic cocktails, steaks, fried fish, and more! You can traverse the bridge that looks out over the water.

There are many comfortable chairs at The Power House Plant Grill to enjoy the view. In addition to the sights on the terrace, there is also wonderful cuisine. The menu is varied and offers a variety of interesting meals, such as seafood, steak burgers, mouthwatering salads, and sides.

A Haunted House Tour

The Magnolia Hotel is a well-known destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters, and it has even been named one of Texas’s most haunted homes! The hotel has been renovated to replicate how it appeared when a two-room cabin was transformed into a stagecoach station, hotel, and even jail. The other component is still undamaged and in its current condition. You may schedule an overnight stay through their AIRBNB or join a guided tour on Saturdays!

Not a fan of ghosts. This hotel has a fascinating history that makes the trip worthwhile.

Step Back in Time

After that, visit Heritage Village to see these structures, some of which date back to 1849. You can see the unfinished adobe structure created by a German immigrant and other ancient structures. Dietz Dollhouse was one of the favorites there. Before a formal foster care system, Louise Dietz built this home for his adoptive daughter, who arrived on an orphan train.

Nurture an appreciation for honey bees

Being stung by a bee isn’t pleasant, and it’s made me wary of them ever since. But at the Gretchen Bee farm, you can have a newfound appreciation for them. They have hives all around Texas and are a top source for those looking to start beekeeping with beekeeping classes and equipment.

Visit their honey room as soon as possible to try some of the greatest honey Texas offers, view beeswax artwork, and interact with the beekeepers.

Visit Son’s Island and go glamping.

Son’s Island is an actual island that has been converted into a resort and is situated in Seguin, Texas.

Try glamping (glamor camping) on this Island, paddleboarding, kayaking, or renting a lakeside Cabana for the day. Thanks to the thatched roof huts and lush vegetation, you’ll think you’re on a remote tropical island in the middle of the ocean. 

On a warm day, spend time with your loved ones fishing, swimming, beach volleyball, and more!


Everyone can find something to enjoy in Seguin, including adventurers, paranormal enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, artisans, small-town shoppers, families, and couples. They cram a lot of things to do into a town this size!

With our list of the top and uncommon things to do in Seguin, Texas, you can start making travel plans immediately.

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